Wednesday, January 3, 2007

LOGOS Winter Retreat 2006

Last week, Dec 28-30, I went to the LOGOS conference in Tustin, Michigan. It was fun. We had an excellent Canadian turnout. 30 of the 100 attendees were from the Great White North. Go Canada Go!

The speaker for the event was Rev Bylsma from Woodstock, and he spoke on the topic "Discovering God's Will" He was very good, as expected. He had 3 sessions, and to do a quick summary would not do them justice. But here goes anyways.
Session #1: Discovering God's will is a journey, a process. And as often as we think it is, it's not about us, but His glory. We must have a desire for Him and His Word, to intimitally know Him. The more we know Him, the more we will know His will for us.
Session #2: Can anything stop or foil God's Will? No. Satan tries to make us think we messed up and missed His will for us. But we know that our intercessor, Jesus Christ, never stops praying for us when we fall or make a mistake. ie Peter's denial and redemption. He uses our weakness to show His strength. We must serve God in the small things, and He will use us in the great things. ie David and watching the sheep.
Session #3: We are to have a living relationship with God. We must delight in doing His will. His law is to be written on our hearts. We must be willing to suffer for Christ, and when He rebukes us, we should not become discouraged. We can find help and direction from older believers. ie Rehoboam

Another highlight was Talent Night. As always, it was interesting and entertaining. As is becoming custom, the Canadians sang a song, this time "Forgive us, We're Canadian" by the Arrogant Worms. I was also in a Cinderella skit with the guys from Wyoming. Thanks to Tim, Jon, Nathan and Wes for letting me be in your skit. It was fun! Amanda VDH has posted it on YouTube, so go check it out (I'm the second from the left)

I have a few other tales I could tell, but I'll leave them for another post. I'll also try to get my hands on some pics and put them up. So, until then,

Keep your stick on the ice.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

This is me...

Alright, I decided I should maybe do something with this blog, so here are some pictures of me. I picked out a couple of my favourites that were on my computer. Enjoy!

This is me doing the "Who's on First" skit with my brother Jeremy at LOGOS 2 years ago.
This is me and my sister Andrea at Camp Tamarack 2006. She took that picture herself.

This is me studying the Psalter (?) Taken at Stel's cottage during the TO YP's kickoff weekend.

This is me in my super cool BULA hat, a gift from Andrea.

This is me at LOGOS last year. I look stunned, don't know why...

This is me riding a horse bareback. Too bad we never left the stall. From the Sheffield URC Conference Car Rally

This is me in the back of my sister's car on the way to a cousin's wedding.

This is me giving 2 thumbs up for this blog! Taken at Stel's cottage

Saturday, December 2, 2006

I hate blogs

Hi, and welcome to my blog. I hate blogs. I swore to never to get a blog. But at 1:30am on Friday nights, you tend to do crazy things. And so my sister talked me into getting a blog. How weak I am!

But alas, now I have one, so I might as well use it. I plan on using it mostly for posting pictures, cause I enjoy looking at other people's pictures. So, we'll see where this goes. Until then...

Good bye and good night!

ps. My sister's 21st birthday is in 23 days. Better get going on my Christmas shopping.